Brush Yourself Off And Go On!

My husband & I had a couple over for dinner the other night.  We had a great time of fellowship.  Sometimes, in ministry, we need to hear that someone else went through some stuff and made it to the other side. We had a time of sharing some of the serious hurts and wounds that we've all made it through.  I was shocked to hear about theirs, and they were shocked to hear about ours.  

I realized that the enemy has a plan of isolation to make each one of us feel like no one has ever been as hurt, betrayed, or accused falsely, as we have been.  Not true.  Anyone truly serving Jesus will be betrayed, as He was.  We are not above our Master.  You might be stabbed in the back by the one who always says,  "I'm right behind you.  I've got your back."  No kidding!  I just didn't realize what you meant by "behind me all the way". 

The one conclusion we all came to, was this.  The devil hates anyone serving Jesus.  He especially hates anyone who is on-fire and determined to make a difference.  He simply wants us out of commission.  

It doesn't matter how many great accomplishments that we have had, how many we have won to The Lord, or how well-known that we have been in the past.  He doesn't want us to finish.  He will not give up.  Neither can we.  

When it's all said & done, we have to get off our hospital bed (where we have been laying in deep depression & hurt), get healed up, and give someone else the bed until we can get them healed.  We can't stay there.  You can't keep a good man or woman down.  Get up, let God brush you off, know that you are in good company, and you will be stronger than before.  This too, shall pass.