The Church Living In The Twilight Zone

Listening to the last week's news is like watching "the Twilight Zone" when I was a kid.  I remember one episode where every time the person entered a certain door, they stepped into another world, with distorted reality.  

If you are a born again believer, and live on this earth, you are living on a planet with this kind of perverse, distorted reality.  Good has become evil, and evil is now celebrated as good.  Morals are not to be adhered to, and God help the person who would encourage anyone else to subscribe to morality.  You have just entered the zone of being labeled "extremely judgmental and narrow-minded".

I see churches, ministers, and born-again believers becoming terrified, protective, and apathetic, trying to survive in this unfamiliar atmosphere.  Some are putting on masks trying not to breathe in the world.  They will not go out in public or get around anyone who threatens them.  Others are wearing camouflage so well, that we can't see any difference between them and the world. Many have turned into ostriches and have buried their heads in the sand hoping it will all pass.  I cannot, and will not, do any of the above.

We have started a church to be a bright and shining beacon of truth, love, conviction, encouragement, faith, and commitment to the message of God's amazing, saving grace.  We will not back off, shrink back, cower, compromise, or water down the truth.  We will not quit when the going gets tough.  Success demands commitment.  It's time to quit complaining and start finding solutions.  They are all in His Word.  I will proclaim that Word strongly.  I expect that it will cost us everything and have counted the cost.   I will keep my focus on the goal, which is : souls, eternity!