Mainstream America: How Have They Achieved This? (Part 3 of 4)

Tea Party is a contemporary cultural label for what used to be called normal. Remember those people? Regular, fair-minded, law-abiding citizens with traditional values; work hard, save your money, help others. These are the people being called cannibals, vampires and terrorists. We are also called racists, and right-wing extremists, due to the Department of Homeland Security. There is a growing and highly influential segment of our society that thinks normal, "Ozzie and Harriet," tradition-minded Americans, are evil.

Remember Norman Rockwell who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for painting vivid and affectionate portraits of our country - like the man standing up at a town hall meeting to exercise his freedom of speech or the crowd pledging allegiance to the flag? He painted the America that normal people love and revere. But did you know there are influential people in America who hate these paintings?

Blake Gopnik, a contributor to Newsweek and the Daily Beast, was formerly the chief art critic for the Washington Post for the past decade. He has written that he is "offended" by and even "hates" Norman Rockwell's art. What does he love?

He came to the defense of a taxpayer exhibit at Washington's National Portrait Gallery by homosexual artist David Wojnarowicz of a film featuring a crucifix with ants crawling on Jesus' body. We paid for this. His exhibit also featured male sex organs, naked brothers kissing, men in chains, and more that. This was called wonderful art. But he hates Norman Rockwell because of the image of America his art portrays.

 What is happening is a radical, spiritual, polarization of Americans. It is a spiritual battle between darkness and light. The darkness cannot stand the light so it curses it.

How did we get to the point that many of us are comfortable with perversion, corruption, and death but threatened by brightness, virtue, and life? We are shaped and influenced by other people, first parents and family, later friends, school, college, work, and our immoral culture. We are pretty easily led astray from our common sense & corrupted. We then begin to embrace garbage philosophies that are opposed to reality.

The government's public school system and colleges today are a disgrace. One of the dominant features of a modern university campus (most of which were originally founded to spread Christianity) is that of forced acceptance of sexual perversion. It only costs about $50,000.00 per year for our young people to become indoctrinated. They begin to feel uncomfortable when someone comes along who radiates the wholesome qualities they left behind. People have been seduced to the dark side and can't handle it when they encounter a bright, wholesome, outspoken person like Sarah Palin, the tea party, Ollie North, or millions of normal, law-abiding, traditionally minded Americans.

Leftists are masters of what psychologists call projection- meaning that you literally accuse innocent people of the very faults of which you are guilty. In the first few months of Obama's presidency, the Dept. of Homeland Security produced a warning about the threat of homegrown, radicalized militant and potentially violent right-wing extremists. Who were they? If you had an NRA bumper sticker, were concerned about illegal immigration or government debt, or were returning as a military vet for defending your country with your very life, you were potentially a dangerous extremist and threat to the country, according to our government.

For the last 100 years, leftism has prevailed and become the world's most dynamic religion. It is popular because it is opposed to all traditional religions, therefore people do not regard it as a religion. It portrays itself as the product of reason, intellect and science, but is an ideology. Anyone who opposes leftism is labeled anti-intellectual, anti-progress, anti-science, anti-minority, and anti-reason. Leftists truly believe that there is no other way to think.

It has been very successful and dominates the thinking of Europe, much of Latin America, Canada, and Asia. It dominates the intellectual elites of most of the world. It is the way news is reported and virtually the only way in which young people are educated from elementary school through university.

Only the U.S., of all Western countries, has resisted leftism. But that resistance is fading as increasing numbers of Americans abandon traditional Judeo-Christian religions, lead secular lives, and are educated by teachers whose views are almost uniformly leftwing. They are exposed on a daily basis to leftist views through their news, music, and entertainment media.

When there is any type of resistance, the left declares it extremist. If you only believe that marriage should remain defined as it has been throughout recorded history, as between a man and a woman, which renders you an extremist. So, too, the belief that government should be small, renders one an extremist.

Now, even Judeo-Christian values, the moral value system upon which America was founded and upon which it became the world's beacon of liberty, have been widely influenced by leftism. Many priests, ministers, rabbis, and Jewish and Christian seminaries, are leftist in content. For most American Jews, their religion is leftism, while Judaism is their ethnicity and culture. That's why so many Jews vote left, even while nearly all the Western worlds opposition to and hatred of Israel, emanates from the left.

The left has been far more successful in converting Jews and Christians to leftism than Christianity and Judaism have been in influencing leftists to convert to Christianity or Judaism.