The Anointing (Part 4 of 6) - The Anointing Of The Holy Spirit

It is so very important that we respect the anointing working upon, and through, individuals.  You and I will only receive from who or what we respect.  Where there is no respect for the anointing and giftings at work through others, you will not be able to receive.  God will not even allow revelation in The Word of God to come to you.

Sometimes we get too familiar with the individuals whom God is using.  Your familiarity will breed contempt.  Then it will become impossible for you to recieve.  If you see me on the same level as you, you will not be able to receive from the anointing upon my life.  I will not be able to properly articulate and guide you around the traps of the enemy that lie in front of you.  If I cannot see above you, and you see me as on the same level as you,  then I cannot properly shepherd or direct you.  We will both fall into the same pit together.  But, if I’m elevated above you,  I can direct you out of a place of confusion and brokeness.  

People confuse the fact that we are on the same level, when it comes to approaching God, our relationship with God, the blood of Jesus, the family of God, and our sins being forgiven.  However, when it comes to the army of God and the body of Christ, we are not on the same level.  Submission and authority is involved.  The five-fold ministry and ministerial rank are  involved.  The apostles and prophets are the foundation of the church.  Christ is the chief cornerstone but the five-fold ministry gifts hold it together.  They help you to stand when the storms of life come raging against you.  So, your pastors aren’t on the same level as you but they can show you where not to fall or faint.  When people do not respect the anointing on an individual, they cannot recieve.  They abort many blessings of God upon their lives.  So, this is a very important subject.  There is power and liberty in respecting the position people walk in, whether we agree with them or not.  Remember, we are in pursuit of the anointing.  We have to know who it is moving upon and through.  While it is from God, it lies upon man. (or woman)

In two instances in the Gospels, where Jesus comments on great faith ,we see interesting facts.  I don’t know about you, but I want God to see great faith in me.  I want to learn how to have that kind of faith and take Him at face-value.  I want to be able to be quick to receive of His anointing.  

The people of Nazareth missed out on miracles that God desired to produce for them.  They chose to despise the anointing upon Jesus.  He had already stood up in the temple and declared that the anointing was upon Him to destroy the yoke of bondage in their lives.  They could only see that he was the carpenter’s son.  They had seen him sweat when he worked, and take a nap when he was tired.  Some had undoubtedly changed his diapers when he was a baby.  He said, “I’m anointed” and they said, “no, you’re Joseph’s son”.  The Bible says that he could do no mighty work there because of their unbelief.  Disdain for God’s anointed people will block the power of God.  

On the other hand, we have examples of people having great faith, accepting the anointing upon Jesus’s life, and receiving great miracles.  Matt 8: 5-13 tells the story of the centurion receiving his miracle. Jesus commented on his great faith.  In careful study, we see that he was a man who understood authority.  He told Jesus that if He only spoke the word, he would believe.  He was a humble man, as well.  He said that he wasn’t worthy for Him to come to his home.  The enemy is always trying to get us into pride or haughtiness.  Pride is believing things that are not true.  We need to think soberly, honestly, and realistically.  This man believed in the anointing and the authority upon Jesus’ life.  He never questioned who He was, or if he truly was operating in the anointing.  He accepted it at face value.  Jesus said that He had not seen so great a faith in all of Israel.  

Another example of great faith that Jesus commented on, was the story of the Syrophoenician woman in Matt 15: 22-28.  She needed a miracle for her daughter.  In this story, Jesus first ignored her.  That would have finished most people off.  Then eventually, he calls her a dog.  She would not be thwarted in her place of humility and faith.  She acknowledged that he was correct, and persisted in asking and believing.  She received and He called her faith, great faith.  We see such humility here.  It is so important to stay on God’s side if you are going to receive from Him.  Most want to point to the vessel being used, and say, he is wrong, instead of looking into their own hearts or at their own faith.  She trusted in the anointing upon Jesus.  She humbled herself and received.  Humility and submission are so important in recognizing the anointing.  Many want to bring the anointed vessel down to their own level.  They will not receive that way.  

As long as I can remember, I understood respecting the minister’s position.  I was hungry and thirsty for more of God.  I longed to be near to my pastor and any visiting minister who came to our church.  I wanted to eat at the restaurant they ate at, sit close to where they were standing, and rub shoulders, so to speak, with the anointing upon them.  I respected their giftings and anointings.  It is no coincidence that I received more than many of the other young people in our youth group.  I never thought of the minister as “good ole Joe," even if I knew they made mistakes from time to time.  I could always separate them from the anointing.  

I have a good friend in ministry.  We have talked about this a lot.  It seems that some people will never forget if they saw a minister having a moment of humanity with discouragement, sickness, or loss of any kind.   They seem to never view them the same again.  You can tell by the way they address them, look at them, and scoff at them.  I could never think of doing that to any minister!  I respect their position too much for that.  I want to receive of their gift and I will honor that gift.  

In Matt 17, verses 14-21, we have a story of a man with a son who was a lunatic.  Demons were throwing him into the water and fire.  They brought him to the disciples and they couldn’t get him set free.  He turned to Jesus for help and received.  The disciples were not in humility.  They had been arguing about who was the greatest in the kingdom.  They had been rejoicing that devils were subject to them.  They needed a lesson in humility.  They had begun to think they were doing these things on their own.  It is never us doing miracles by the hand of God, but God doing miracles by the hand of man.  We must never get in pride about the anointing upon us.  However, it is not the job of others to keep us humble.  We must respect the anointing upon those God chooses to use.  Do not bring them down to your level.  

Along those lines, I must say this.  I realize that it is the new fashion to drop titles of ministers, when addressing them.  Some would say, “Don’t call me Pastor Debbie.  I’m just ole Debbie to you”. However,  If you want only good ole Debbie, you’ll get good ole Debbie’s anointing and office (which is nothing).  I don’t think you want that.  However, if you acknowledge the office and calling upon pastor, evangelist, teacher, prophet, or apostle,   you will receive from the anointing upon that office.  You will like that much better.  Let’s get ready to receive from the anointing.  Let’s begin by esteeming the anointing upon God’s servants.