How Are We Going To Take Back This Country?

My heart is heavy with the burden of knowing that our great republic is hanging by a thread.  Yet, my spirit is excited because I know that “I have been called into the kingdom for such a time as this”.  I am to be the salt, the light, and make all the difference.  If you are a Christian, you are too.  This is our time to shine.  I have such an expectancy.  This is our hour, Christians and patriots.  If we would have been the light that we should have been, America couldn’t have gotten so dark.  If we would have been the salt that we should have been, it couldn’t have gotten so rotten.  There is a shaking coming, one way or another.  We will either shine in revival or shine in persecution.  I am believing for the first, and that the second will be delayed.  

The answer to America is not in the government, the white house, the senate, or politics in general.  The answer is Jesus, The Messiah, the light of the world.  He is the hope of our nation, the hope of the world.  Yet, Jesus has done everything that He is going to do for the world.  Now, He has given the commission to the church to finish the job and show forth His glory.  We are the glorious, blood-bought church, the victorious church, the church without spot or wrinkle.  We have His name, His blood, His weapons, His Word, His plan and purpose, and His Holy Spirit to get the job done.  If the night is getting darker, we must get brighter.  We must have courage, my friends.  We have to recognize that this is our responsibility.  I love my Lord and I love my country.  If someone is coming after what I love, they will have to come through me to get what I care about. 

There has been a new emphasis on tolerance and being politically correct.  The enemy wants to  redefine Christian America as being embarrassing and offensive.  Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty said, “our culture has accepted two huge lies.  The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them.  The second is that to love someone means
you agree with everything they believe or do.  Both are nonsense.  You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.  We hate sin, but love the sinner.  

I just finished seeing the documentary, “Hillary’s America.”  I beg of you to go see it, bring friends and relatives with you, encourage democrats and liberals to see it, and pray like never before.  Mr. Dinesh D’Souza is a very brave man.  I saw his documentary called Obama’s America 2016, several years ago.  Everything that he said has come to pass.  I did not know that he was sentenced to jail time for eight months after he produced that movie.  I just read in “Taki’s Magazine”  that “the specific legal definition of the charge is the curiously Orwellian “Causing the government to file a false document,” and it’s a felony punishable with five years in prison. What really happened was he encouraged some friends to donate $10,000 to a politician when the limit is $5,000. This crime is almost always punished with a slap on the wrist, and it’s wildly hilarious when compared with any one of Hillary’s various crimes. In fact, the rapists and murderers he was housed with laughed their heads off when they found out what he was in for”.
I have to wonder what they will do to him in retaliation this time.  

I don’t have time in this blog to give you the details of the trumped-up charges.  They were trying to get him to back off.  He did not. He plainly shows us that the Clintons and the democratic party are out to do one thing, and are doing it on purpose.  They are out to steal America and have almost done it.  

Take it from someone who has traveled the earth.  This country and all it has stood for, has been the greatest country on earth.  Every time I come home, I literally want to kiss this ground and say the pledge of allegiance to the flag.  I do not want one world government, socialism, (which has failed miserably all over the globe), communism, (that suppresses my mouth and my freedom in every way).  That is exactly what we will be voting for if the democratic ticket wins.  

Allyn West has posted about the emails from the DNC, revealing that they are working together to stop our religious freedom.  Here is some of the article.  “DNC continue to come to light as hacked emails continue to be published online, exposing the radical left for who they really are for the whole world to see.  One of the latest developments to surface are emails that show the Democratic Party was working with anti-religious freedom groups to get around religious liberty laws that protect our First Amendment right to believe what we want, worship where we want, and live out our beliefs both publicly and privately.  This is truly atrocious.”  Is this what you want to vote for?  

Mr. D’Souza also pointed out, through people who investigated the Clinton foundation, that Hillary used her secretary of the state office to grant our enemies (like Russia) to buy up our precious uranium mines after a sizable contribution to the Clinton Foundation.  Now our enemy has greater capability to blow us off the planet.  Giving our enemies the ability to make nuclear weapons is something the secretary of state is meant to prevent, not facilitate. These things were unheard of in past times.  

Oh, but you say, it is the party of love, inclusion, anti-racism, and tolerance.  That is how they pull some Christians in.  That sounds loving and Christ-like.  Are you kidding me?  Again, to quote “Taki’s Magazine” which gives a wonderful expose of what we saw and heard at the documentary, “We learn they (the democrats) fought abolitionism and anti-lynching laws. He debunks the myth that FDR wanted what was best for blacks.  It didn’t occur to me until I saw the movie, but did you realize no Republicans ever owned slaves? They also fought hard to pass the Civil Rights Act, which the Democrats filibustered. This corruption wasn’t a strange time in America’s past. It’s America’s present. Welfare has shattered the black family. The children of single mothers dominate prisons today. Abortion kills thousands of blacks a day. Feminism hasn’t freed women from the kitchen. It’s chained them to a cubicle where they can pay more tax. They say gay marriage is about love, but it’s really about sabotaging Christianity. The Democrats aren’t about equality. They’re about hierarchy. They see themselves as the sentient administrators of all things good. They will decide who needs what and will dole it out at their discretion. It’s the right that wants to free up the market and make prosperity available to everyone willing to work for it.”  (end of their quotes and now we are back to mine).  The democratic party was the racist party that wanted to exterminate the black race.  When they couldn’t stop the blacks and other minorities from voting, they went after a new game.  “Let’s start a propaganda lie that we are for them, and get their vote.”  What hypocrisy!  

I find it interesting that some of our greatest and bravest patriots of the moment are from other countries.  Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, who was my pastor for so many years, hails from South Africa and is telling it like it is.  He is a true prophet in the land.  Now, we have a man from India, Dinesh D’Souza,  called to warn the people and wake us up.  They seem to care more about our country than most American-born people do, who choose to bury their heads in the sand and not realize what is going on.  They just continue on in oblivion, like robots from the Matrix.  I pray that someone wakes up, quickly.  I also pray for the safety of these people who are telling us the truth.   

Many would say that politics do not belong in the pulpit.  What rubbish!!  It was the pulpits and the preachers who guided people about the issues of the country from the beginning.  People trusted the leaders of the church, called by God, to report the truth about the issues.  They stirred people to the injustices of the day.  It was not until President Lyndon Johnson headed up the law to stop our mouths, that pastors became intimidated.  (which, by the way, Mr. Trump says he wants to overturn).   

We still have the first amendment people, (although, again, it is hanging by a thread).  We have a responsibility beyond anyone, to proclaim truth.  We have died to ourselves, our desires, our own protection, popularity, and security.  It’s not about us.  It’s about being a Godly, true patriot, at any cost.  I have chosen to lay down my life to be one of those.  I will not back down.  I will not compromise.  I will not be bribed or intimidated.    Let’s take the nation back!  

I have seen Christians and others become hateful on face book and other forms of social media.  There is no place for that in a Christian’s life. I’m not talking about name-calling, yelling, becoming purposely divisive and arrogant.  That is so unlike Jesus and everything He stands for.  However, I am talking about trying to wake up everyone you can, with truth, and not backing down.  

It is a fact that if you truly know the facts and can vote for a ticket that believes and supports everything that God stands against; murdering babies, same-sex marriage, socialism and communism, and much more, you cannot be a Christian.  Period.  That is not being hateful.  It’s holding a Bible standard and making it plain.  

At the end of the movie, I was weeping.  I felt so strongly that I had to do more.  I turned to my friend on my right and said, “I feel like I am to stand and ask the people, what can we do to take our country back.  She didn’t say anything, so I turned to my husband and said the same thing.  I was looking for confirmation.  He didn’t say anything.  Then, in a moment, my husband began to shout, (with damaged vocal cords), “what are we going to do to take this county back?”  No one said a word.  They, too, just walked out like sheep before a slaughter.  I took note that the theater was sparsely populated with a few of us old fogies.  I wondered, “is this all that is left of the patriots of this nation who know what she was founded upon and know the truth?”  How sad!  Most of the younger generation, through the educational system, through the media, and much more, have been so brain-washed that they are running to the slaughter.  But, even those in the theater, just looked at us like we were crazy and had no response.  Not, “let’s pray, vote, preach, win souls, have town meetings”, no, nothing. 

I can’t do that.  I have a God and a constitution to believe in, obey, and defend.  Call me crazy, but I am passionate about my freedom, my God, and my country.  I am begging someone else to be.  They have already labeled any constitutionalist, Christian, or patriot, to be a terrorist.  Meanwhile, they are calling the terrorists, illegal immigrants, and criminals, (shot while running from the law, after breaking into buildings and stealing), martyrs and victims, and calling policemen, criminals.  Everything that is good is being called evil, and everything evil is being called good.  

Let’s rise up before it’s too late.  Let’s pray as never before.  If you think you’re too busy, I ask.  Are you too busy to watch America go down?  Let’s win souls.  Let’s allow the Lion of The Tribe of Judah to rise up on the inside of us and preach with boldness. When threatened, let us come back to our own company and pray and be encouraged, and then preach it more boldly.  Let’s vote according to Biblical principles and according to the constitution, capitalism, freedom, and principals set forth in our constitution while we still have one.  

There is only one thing (besides God, of course) that has kept the republic intact.  It is the constitution.  The democratic party has plans already in motion to demolish it.  It stands in their way.   They have almost accomplished it.  They will do away with the first and second amendments faster than you can blink, in just a few months, if elected.   They are calling what I am doing here, a hate crime.  Whatever comes against their perverted opinions and rhetoric, is considered hateful.  Yet they can say hateful things about the Lord, the Bible, Christianity, Donald Trump, the police, patriotism, and call it o.k.  However, if I preach what the Bible says, it is considered to be hateful.  Can you not see where this is headed?  

I beg of you, once again, to pray, ask God about this, educate yourself, go see this documentary, and quit allowing the propaganda of the liberal progressives, (fancy name for communism) to dictate your thoughts.  Let’s take the country back.  We can do it!  There are more with us, than are with them.  Jesus is the Author and The Finisher of our faith and will perform it in our lives.