What To Expect In Our Services:

In all of our services, whether locally at FaithLife Church NW or globally at a Debbie Rich Ministries Event, we love to worship God and take our time with the worship service.  The words to a modern praise song is our theme.  The song says:  "…anything can happen and it probably will, something very good is going on around here!"  This is what you can expect in a service - for God to show up and for anything to happen, including miracles! 

Here's what to expect in our main gatherings:

  1. Everyone is welcome. You don't have to be a Christian. No ticket is required.

  2. God will move mightily with signs and wonders confirming His Word.  We don't believe in a stuffy, "religious" atmosphere, but prepare an atmosphere where His presence is welcomed to heal bodies and families, and restore the souls of broken people.

  3. You will hear challenging teaching from the Bible with a focus on Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Faith. It will change your life, your family, and our world.  We believe there is hope, one person at a time. 

  4. This is a church where you will feel loved, accepted and welcomed and the atmosphere is friendly and casual.  You are free to come as you are, but expect to leave changed.  God's Word and His presence is all about changing us, giving us hope, healing us, and causing us to become all that we were created to be.

  5. We welcome you to visit us in person or online.  We are streaming our services so that many who cannot come to a meeting can still be a part.  Our church includes members in Switzerland, Norway and Latvia, as well as other states in the U.S.

We would love to welcome you as you visit our growing family at FaithLife Church NW or at any of our events world-wide!  This is not just a church and ministry, but a living body of believers and we look forward to meeting you!