Training The Next Generation Of Revivalists

We believe the time is now for worldwide revival. Having ministered in global revival for over 26 years, we feel it's time to impart that experience and anointing to those who will carry on the call. It is our heart to see a new breed of minister rise up and take the name of Jesus and the power of His Spirit to a lost and dying world. We invite you--challenge you--to take that step and make the decision to get equipped for your future in ministry. The time is now. Are you ready?


The Word of God

Great theology and solid doctrine are the cornerstone of excellent teaching and preaching. At WSINW, you will receive strategic and practical instruction from the entire Word of God.

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The Holy Spirit

As the demonstration of the Spirit of God confirms the preaching and teaching of His Word, we not only train in all aspects of the Anointing, but in impartation, gifts, manifestations and more.


The Great Commission

We are called to teach and preach His Word with signs and wonders following. We have purposed to equip people to fulfill their calling; to see them launch out into local and global ministry. 

If you are ready to start on your journey toward a greater fulfillment of purpose and equipping, we invite you to contact us for more information.

The Washington Student Achievement Council has determined that Word and Spirit Institute NW qualifies for religious exempt status from the Degree-Granting Institutions Act for the following programs: Associate of Ministry (A.Min.) and Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.) The Council makes no evaluation of the administration, faculty, business practices, financial condition or quality of the offerings by this institution. Any person desiring information about the requirements of the act or the applicability of those requirements to the institution may contact the Council at P.O. Box 43430, Olympia, WA 98504-3430 or by email at

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For more information, please contact us: 360-999-7672 or