South Africa

Thoughts on our First Over Seas Trip

with Debbie Rich Ministries

What an amazing trip this has been. This was our first international trip with Dr. Debbie Rester and Pastor Bob Rester for Debbie Rich Ministries.  Pastor Debbie came prepared to minister on the 9 Gifts of the Spirit from 1 Corinthians 12 for the program The Higher Life with Pastor Jenny Roebert and Dr. Patricia Bailey.  As these mighty woman of God began to share on each of the gifts the Holy Spirit moved on His word and each of the speakers moved in the gifts.  They filmed 18 sessions for airing on Faith Broadcasting and various other stations at a later time.  You will not want to miss these powerful teachings and the display of His Power.

There was a day of rest and we went on a game drive to Inkwenkwezie Game Reserve, a privately owned game reserve on the Eastern Cape of South Africa with Lead Pastors, Kevin & Chantell Davis, of The River Church East London. What a fantastic time with two nation shakers, full of the Holy Ghost! Through the 4 hour drive we were able to see all the animals on the reserve except for the Rhinos.  There were poachers that had come to cut the horns off the Rhino not too long before we came and the Rhinos, under divine protection, had moved far off into the reserve and remained unharmed.  To protect them from death, the owner of the reserve chose to have their horns removed or the poachers would have just continued to attack. 

Faith on Fire began on Sunday morning, October 28 and we met for the next 6 days two times a day for 4 hrs and broadcast live to 3 continents. That’s right Africa, Europe and the Americas.  Almost every nation of the world was able to participate in the services through multiple platforms, including Facebook, Video On Demand and Television. Many millions of homes were reached and hundreds of thousands of lives touched by the live broadcasts and the replays. Evangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth spoke on the 9 gifts building on the Word that began with The Higher Life recordings the week before and allowed the Holy Ghost to confirm the Word.  Pastor Debbie ministered almost every service delivering the Word so powerfully that you could feel the fire of God on your cheeks with many quaking under the power of God. Absolutely awesome!  Dr. Bradley Norman flew in from the UK and other ministers from other areas of Africa came to participate in the meetings.  We had awesome word-based teachings and the Holy Spirit confirmed the word each meeting. The Power of God was available for all to see and hear. So good.

During one of the services Dr. Nicky van der Westhuizen was operating in the gift of working of miracles and a deaf and dumb young man was healed on worldwide television. Just normal christianity on display. Thank you, Jesus! So cool to see our Big God in action. In the very same service right in front of us a girl that was completely paralyzed on her right side for 18 years from a childhood stroke came forward for healing. Pastor Debbie laid her hands on her and the power of God knocked her to the ground. When she stood up she was instantly totally healed and testified to the nations of the world on camera, running around the room. Oh, the goodness and mercy of God. Christ Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever. BIG GOD!! 

During these meetings we received impartation and revelation of the Word and were continually filled with the Holy Ghost!  On Monday, Oct. 29th, God spoke through Dr. Andre Roebert over our ministry and how it will work with Pastor Bob & Debbie, that the weight of the past was removed and there’s been a move to another level. Never the same in Jesus name from glory to glory and faith to faith. Many Souls will be saved and filled with the Fire of God! Amen and amen.

What a honor and privilege to assist Pastors Bob & Debbie Rester, Generals in the Kingdom. The Love, Humility and Power of Christ is continually on display in their lives. We testify that what you see on television is exactly what you experience behind the scenes in their personal lives. For anyone who knows them you could surely testify the same. Mighty mighty Saints. We so love them!

A special thank you to Dr. Andre and Jenny Roebert for their generosity and kindness to us. We have been treated like royalty by them and the entire team of The River East London. People of integrity and the love of Jesus on display. Full of Faith and Power.

We have made divine connections with the family of God and are overwhelmed at God’s goodness. For sometime we have known the call to nations, however, we have never wanted to open the doors in the flesh. When God opens doors they are bigger and better than what you could imagine. To be a small part of the Gospel being preached to the nations of the world at one time is incredible, not exactly a small door. Let God lift you up and no man will take it away for what God has blessed no devil can curse. What a faithful God.

Stay tuned! Blessings in Christ Jesus;

Allyn and Tamron Clevenger