Welcome to FaithLife Church NW

I am so excited that you have taken the opportunity to view our new church site.  You will find relevant blogs, insights, messages, and encouragement from the Word of God.  

Why a new church in a town of several good churches?  Good question.  I have been an evangelist to the nations for 21 years.  I love to light fires and see people restored to their first love for God.  I love to watch people give their lives to Christ.  We've experienced many miracles and healings, and even saw a person raised from the dead.  So, why the transition from traveling minister to pastor?  Why, here in the small town of Aberdeen, Washington, after experiencing so much in so many nations and cities?  

God.  It's that simple.  He has continued to direct my husband and myself, woo us, and even corner us, so to speak, until we knew what His will was and couldn't wait to do it.  If you are on this page, or considering visiting us, you are part of that too.  

I want to stay with people and watch them change and grow.  I want to care for them, nurture them, encourage them, like a mom over her kids.  I want to see this town changed.  This county has the greatest unemployment in the state.  This state is one of the most unchurched states.  Depression, poverty, hopelessness, welfare mentality, the new-age and occult (including the vampire craze), are rampant in this town, county, and state.  I don't want to be a flash-in-the-pan ministry, here today, gone tomorrow.  I want to see people raised up in faith, to think like God, dream like God, confess like God, use their God-given authority to speak things into existence and see circumstances change.

I want to see God take back Sundays.  What do I mean by that?  In many churches, it's all about people - the building, the band, the talent, the organization, the programs, the advertisement, and on man's time-clock and schedule.  They allow God out of His box for just a few minutes.  Then everyone rushes home to do their own thing, unchanged.  God wants Sundays back.  For some strange reason, He thinks Sunday and really every day is about Him.  He thinks worship should be about Him on His time schedule.  He wants us to take our time and wait upon Him and His presence.  He wants to show up and really move like He did in the early church.  He wants to to heal bodies, heal broken hearts, and restore lives.  We are determined to let Him do just that. 

This church will not be business as usual.  There is a song that says "anything can happen and it probably will."  When God is let out of the box, that pretty much sums it up.  We expect Him to show up and show off who He is and change your life forever.  Come visit, come enjoy, come and be changed!