My Response To Christians Saying Donald Trump Is Ungodly

I, Debbie Rester, am writing this article as a private citizen.  This is my response to those of you who have said that Donald Trump is ungodly.  You are right!  I have never heard the man claim to be born again.  I do not know of one president who has been.  His language is deplorable, as was Nixon's, Johnson's, Kennedy's, and yes, President Bush's. I believed President Bush to be born again at the time, to find out differently, according to his fruit.  We have it from a good source that his language was horrible on the golf course, worse than most.  As far as morals and affairs go, there have been many presidents that have engaged in immorality.  The more history uncovers, the more we see that.  John Kennedy was one of the worst, when it comes to immorality, and yet was one of the most loyal, patriotic American presidents that we have ever had.  That was probably why he was assassinated.  He was dismantling the federal reserve and more.  He stood up to the Soviet Union and kept us strong.  

We are not voting for a pastor or deacon in the church.  We are voting for a president of a nation, with the choice that we are given.  It is a privilege and a responsibility.  We are not voting on language, manners, demeanor, ego, or the way someone combs his hair.  At this stage of the game, we hope for someone who will delay one-world government, stop the illegal trafficking over our borders, make the country strong again financially, keep the nation strong militarily, create jobs and business, be able to make deals with foreign countries, stop Islam and Sharia law from being put into place, stand up for the constitution and the first and second amendments, put the right people on the supreme court, is anti abortion (no matter if he used to feel differently), and more.  We are at the midnight hour for this nation.  We must have someone who holds back the inevitable for a little while longer until we bring in the harvest.  We must have someone who believes in freedom and capitalism, not socialism.  I believe we have such a man.  He is also the only one who is is not, nor has ever been a part of a secret society.

I would rather have a born again person in that position, who was both a wise leader and a good Christian.  If you find that person, please let me know.  I was hoping for Dr. Carson, but here is where we are.  Let's get realistic, get off our high-horses, and unify.  If we don't, we I'll see the end of this great nation!!!   We went to Franklin Graham's prayer rally at our state capitol today.  He said today that twenty to thirty million Christians did not vote in the last election.  He went on to quote how many elections went to the liberals because the Christians refused to vote.  Some of those elections were lost by just two to three hundred votes.  There were that many Christians and more than could have turned the tide.  They may not have voted because they thought it wouldn't matter, or the conservative didn't meet all their expectations, or they were too lazy.  Whatever the reason, shame on them!

Do you honestly think that if Peter or Paul would have been given the opportunity to vote for someone less cruel than Nero that they would have shirked their responsibility, just because the man used bad language?  

We have socialism lying at our door. Pretty soon, this nation will be an entirely socialistic, welfare state, at the rate we are going.  Our fathers and brothers laid their lives down to fight against that in previous wars.  Do you not care about the red, white, and blue continuing to fly high? Would you sacrificeour freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, because you are angry that someone swears or commits adultery?  Besides, if you knew what some of these politicians have done behind the scenes... give me a break.  Ted Cruz cheated to steal Ben Carson's votes, and is an establishment man who has been wishy-washy on many issues. He refused to be a part of Dr.Rodney Howard-Browne's soul-winning crusade to take back our nation, because he said it was too controversial.  A great Christian?  Um...

As Mr. Graham said today at our state's Capitol, we have a right and a responsibility to look at the issues and vote the best that we can.  Some Christians have told me that they are disappointed in me for taking a stand for Mr. Trump. They say that we cannot vote for the lesser of two evils because it is still evil and a compromise.  They say they will write in someone else's name or not vote.  In either case, that is casting a vote for an evil woman who is anti-American, pro abortion, anti-constitution, anti-first and second amendments, she is pro-welfare, pro-socialism, and is a criminal and should be in prison.  Do you feel that is what God would have us to do, just to get our point across about morality?  I don't.  

If that is the case, that we can have nothing to do with people who are not living for God, I must ask:  Do you go to your bank, based on their standing with God?  Do you shop at a place for the same reason or get your gas or groceries only at places where the owners and workers are born again?  If not, are you not giving your money to something that is a compromise?  How far do we take this?  

When it comes to the church, church government, who is behind a pulpit, etc., I couldn't agree more.  I am for no compromise at all.  The Bible is firm about that.  However, we can be so unknowingly self-righteous that we throw in the towel on this nation.  We will win the battle and lose the war.  There is too much at stake.  

Mr. Graham was urging pastors to take a stand once again.  He reminded the crowd that it used to be the church leaders who steered the country politically.  Donald Trump was just addressing one thousand ministers at an evangelical meeting in Times Square, and became very impassioned when speaking about a law President Lyndon Johnson introduced that mandated that churches can’t endorse political candidates or remark on policies from the pulpit.  “When I get in, we’re going to change this,” Trump said. How interesting!  

I am using my voice and my pen, folks.  Some, while telling me that they were disappointed in me for mentioning that I like several things Donald Trump stands for, have reminded me that I have influence over people. I hope so. I hope the church and the country wake up soon.  Let’s pray, let’s vote, let’s be informed, let’s use everything we have available and believe that America will be shaken.  Let’s believe for revival and “Give me liberty, or give me death.”  


Debbie Rich Rester